LUO, Shitong 罗世通

Yuanpei College, Peking University

Shitong Luo(pronounced Shih-tung Lo) is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Data Science at Yuanpei College, Peking University. He is now a member of GLab at Wangxuan Institue of Computer Technology(WICT). He is interested in geometric data processing and geometric deep learning.

Email: luost AT

Data Visualizations

Several course projects for the course Introduction to Visualization and Visual Computing.

[Graph Layout] [Air Quality] [Computer Science Contour]

Virtual Reality Graph Visualizer

The visualizer features a GPU-accelerated (Compute Shader) real time force directed layout algorithm in 3D space and supports VR fashioned interactions such as selecting nodes using laser pointer and cruising the graph using VR controllers.

[Code] [Executable Demo]

GPU-Accelerated SSSP Solver

Course project for Introduction to Parallel and Distributed Computing. An OpenCL based parallel Bellman-Ford algorithm. Gained a speedup of 19x compared to serial BF algorithm tested with USA-CTR-t dataset.


An Implementation of Moment Shadow Mapping & SSAO

I implemented two algorithms: Moment Shadow Mapping and Screen Space Ambient Occlusion. Besides, I wrapped OpenGL's state machine style API into an object oriented API and created a reusable rendering framework.

[Code] [Slides] [Report] [Executable Demo]

Chiness Chess (Xiangqi) Robot

This is a course project for Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. My contribution to this project includes the fully functional prototyping robot on simulation platform Webots, the chess piece recognition program based on OpenCV and the driver program for our final real robot.


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State-of-the-art Spheric Convolutional Kernels on Point Clouds

These slides review some state-of-the-art spherical convolutional kernels (including SchNet, PointConv, SPH-3D, RS-CNN and KPConv, mainly selected from CVPR'19 and ICCV'19) on point clouds.

2019-11-01 [Download]

ADA Seminar: PRIMES is in P Reading Guide

算法设计与分析研讨小班 PRIMES is in P 论文导读PPT

2019-05-10 [Download]

ADA Seminar: Amortized Analysis


2019-04-12 [Download]

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