LUO, Shitong 罗世通

Yuanpei College, Peking University
Major in Computer Science (Data Science Track)

Email: luost AT

An Implementation of Moment Shadow Mapping & SSAO

This is my first course project for Computer Graphics. I implemented two algorithms: Moment Shadow Mapping and Screen Space Ambient Occlusion. Besides, I wrapped OpenGL's state machine style API into an object oriented API and created a reusable rendering framework.

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Chiness Chess (Xiangqi) Robot

This is a course project for Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. My contribution to this project includes the fully functional prototyping robot on simulation platform Webots, the chess piece recognition program based on OpenCV and the driver program for our final real robot.

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ADA Seminar: PRIMES is in P Reading Guide

算法设计与分析研讨小班 PRIMES is in P 论文导读PPT

2019-05-10 [Download]

ADA Seminar: Amortized Analysis


2019-04-12 [Download]

ICS Seminar: Proxy Lab

计算机系统导论小班 Proxy Lab 解题分享

2019-01-03 [Download]

ICS Seminar: ECF: Signals & Nonlocal Jumps

计算机系统导论小班 《异常控制流:信号与非本地跳转》 课程回顾PPT

2018-12-06 [Download]

ICS Seminar: Floating Point

计算机系统导论小班 《浮点数》 课程回顾PPT

2018-09-27 [Download]

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